About us – AM Projekt

We are building a premium offer for those looking for exceptional homes

AM Projekt Prestige Prestige is a brand on the Tricity property development market dedicated strictly to premium segment clients looking for cosy, high-class housing estates in the best locations. Our bold spatial and architectural concepts fully correspond to the needs for privacy, tranquillity and contact with nature. We boast about the timeliness of our builds and our safe and informed guidance of clients through the entire sales process until the property is handed over. Our houses have already gained several hundred buyers in nearly 20 investment projects.

A dynamically developing capital group

AM Projekt is a capital group made up of construction services entities. Our activities are based on a fresh, unconventional view of construction. We are moving away from schematic thinking. We do not make our investments a subject of compromise. Every element that makes up a new home is a motivation for us to create something perfect.

About us – AM Projekt

Our philosophy is to partner fully in the investment.

We devote a lot of attention to our clients, we consult what is important for them in their house as early as in the construction stage. In order to meet our clients’ expectations, we make it possible to introduce design changes during the construction process.

Our houses provide security and living comfort. Responding to market needs, we present an offer of houses that will meet the requirements and expectations of various groups of clients.

About us – AM Projekt