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A financial expert who will assist you free of charge in obtaining financing for the purchase of real estate is at your disposal in the building of our company.

At AM Projekt Group, we focus on comprehensive customer service and consistent support in achieving the goal of moving into your dream home. Often the first, and most difficult, step is credit. That is why we provide professional assistance.

We therefore take joint responsibility for the success of your plan. Importantly, by working with our specialists, you are guaranteed a refund of the reservation fee if you do not obtain financing for your property!

Our intention is to work out and present you with the best opportunities that the market currently offers. Our specialist is highly trusted by clients and has a wealth of experience. Of course, the final decision is always up to you. However, as you know, it is always better to have a choice!

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AM Projekt Prestige Credit advisor

Marcin Janczewski

Credit specialist

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