An excellent perspective for life!

Firstly, evaluate the objective arguments in a matter-of-fact way. In the intensively developing city of Gdańsk, in the close vicinity of Wrzeszcz and Śródmieście, green, quiet and intimate areas are scarce. The era of such attractive low-rise residential developments in the central part of this city is simply coming to an end. Offering an escape from the hustle and bustle, but also the chance to travel quickly to work, the shopping centre, and service establishments. Perspectum provides you with such opportunities today. In addition, your home will be very comfortable, finished to a higher standard, providing, among other things, air ventilation and underfloor heating.

Secondly, live the country life when you want to. Our estate consists of only 9 semi-detached buildings (18 houses) on Stolema Street. With carefully landscaped greenery, as well as a garden for free play with children, barbecues or garden parties. Away from the blocks of flats and the noise of the big city. You have 244 m2 of your own space, including a two-car garage, as well as a viewing terrace on the top floor. Importantly, as you relax there with your coffee, you will also enjoy a balanced, open space all around. The neighbourhood is single-family or semi-detached housing.

Thirdly, bet on green enclaves. In large urban areas they are already invaluable. They bring comfort and relaxation, and in the years to come will gradually increase the value of the properties located there. Perspectum is surrounded by lush greenery and the ‘Łabędzia’ Retention Reservoir. LED lighting and small architecture along its banks will make the place even more attractive.

Promising location

The nearby Pawel Adamowicz Avenue, Rakoczego Street and Kartuska Street, which is being rebuilt, provide good transport links to other parts of the city. It is worth noting that in recent years, the network of schools and kindergartens, service facilities (pharmacies, bakeries, markets, restaurants, beauty salons) and a new tram line have also been very intensively developed in the area. Thus, the vast majority of matters can be dealt with quickly without having to travel too far from home. Jasień, or more broadly Gdańsk-South, is the most dynamically developing part of the city. In preparation are, among others: The 70-hectare South Park or the year-round municipal ice rink.




Estate plan

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